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Verifying your domain

To send email campaigns and journeys, we need to verify that you are using a valid email address hosted at a domain you can access.

Why is this needed?

Most Inbox Clients have strenuous spam filters to keep users safe from malicious email senders. Quite often than not, these filters stop email marketing messages from legit senders as well.

When you use email marketing software to send your emails, it will appear as being from you, but it is being sent via Forward - this being another company effectively. So, to mail filters, your email can display similar characteristics as an email sender masquerading as somebody else.

By verifying your domain, you are adding a seal of authenticity to your email. It's how the recipient's mail filter links your domain with the identity of the server being used to send emails. This not only keeps your emails from reaching the spam folders but also protects your sender reputation.

How to verify your domain

Verifying your domain can sound like a complex process with a lot of jargon being thrown around. We've made the entire process quite simple–if you can CMD+C & CMD+V, you can verify your domain.

Head to Settings → Channels

Click on Email and select the Email Identities tab

Enter your domain name and hit Save
Click on the domain you just created and you'll find the CNAME values

Click on the copy icon near each value and paste it in the DNS settings of your domain provider.

Adding CNAME value in the DNS settings

If you purchased your domain with Shopify, follow the below steps:

In your Shopify admin, open the online store Domains page.

Open the Shopify-managed domain that you want to use for your subdomain.

Click DNS settings.

Click Add custom record > CNAME record and enter the CNAME name and values

Here's how you do it for other major hosting providers:


You only need to verify a domain one time, then you can send with any email address at the verified domain.

If you have questions or need help with this feel free to reach out to us.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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