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Setting up your Forward account

Creating and setting up your account with Forward takes less than 5 minutes. Once you've clicked on Add App from the App Store and authorized the install, you'd be redirected to

Create an account with Forward.

In the next screen, enter your myshopify URL. _Learn how to find it._

We'll start syncing your contact and order data after this.

Note: Depending on the size of the data, the sync can take anywhere between 1 minutes to 8 hours. But, don't worry, you can set up your account in the meantime.

Enter your industry so we can customize the onboarding experience accordingly.

Select the channels you want to use to reach your subscribers. You can change this preference any time in the future.

Select your goals. This will help us create a personalized experience for you.

Then, enter how you heard about Forward.

Once you're done, you'll see the dashboard. If the sync is complete, you'll see revenue and audience metrics.

Note: If the sync is not complete by then, the campaigns, segments, contacts, and journeys sections will be disabled temporarily. You can still use Templates and Library even if the sync isn't finished.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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