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How to create a new campaign

Campaigns are one-off emails or SMS that have a specific goal. It can be used to let your subscribers know that you’re launching a new product line, announcing a flash sale, or sharing information about your brand.

There are four major components you need to decide before sending a campaign:


How to create a new campaign

Step 1: Head to Campaigns → Create Campaign

You’ll find the button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Name your campaign

Give your campaign name and then add a brief description.

Pro Tip: We recommend you use this format for Campaign Names so it’s easy for you to find them in the future:

[Campaign Name] | [Audience]
Eg: Holiday Discount | BFCM Top Spenders

Step 3: Choose a template

You can choose an existing template you’ve already created or use the pre-built ones. You can also create a new one without losing any progress.

Step 4: Enter the email headers

I. Subject line: Make this short, crisp, and intriguing. If the subject is too long, it’s gonna get cut off, especially when viewing from mobile.

Here’s a huge list of subject lines you can get inspired from.

II. Pre-header: This is the text that follows the subject line. If left empty, the inbox provider automatically pulls the first line from your email.

The pre-header can mean the difference between someone opening their email and archiving it—so you generally want it to be something meaningful.

III. From Address: This is the name and email from which the email will be sent from.

You'll see a preview of how it will be displayed in the inbox.

Step 4.a: Type the message (For SMS)

If you chose SMS as your channel in Step 2, simply select an SMS template or create a new one.

Note: SMS have a character limit of 160 characters. You can send longer messages though. The message will be split and send into blocks of 160 characters and will be stitched together at the receiver’s device. Multiple credits will be applied depending on how many blocks your message was split.

Step 5: Choose your audience

Select the segments you want to send this campaign to. If you wish to send the campaign only to a portion of the selected segment, you can use the Segment Hold-out functionality. Simply enter the percentage of the audience you don't want the campaign to be sent.

Step 6: Set a time

You’re almost there. All that’s left to do is decide when you want to send this campaign. You have two options:

Send Immediately - The campaign is sent as soon as you hit send in the next step.

Schedule for later - Pick a date and time to send this campaign.

Step 7: Review and Launch

This is the final step of the campaign set up process. You can review all the things and make sure your campaign is perfect. The tracking links are automatically added so that’s one less thing to worry about.

You can also check your spam score to ensure deliverability.

Once you’re happy with everything, hit *Send* or *Schedule*.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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